In March 2012, I was in Las Vegas. It was my first time abroad and yet I wasn’t that excited. I remained relatively calm on the flight. I grew up with American culture like sports, movies, music in my childhood. Looking back, I was pretty biased about my view of foreign countries. 

Until the last day, I enjoyed America in its own way. amazed by the size of sandwiches portion in Subway, felt extremely hot in Grand Canyon, impressed by water fountain show at Bellagio, and confused by tipping culture. Yes typical tourist, beta move. I’ve bought only a slack to enter the casino. That’s all what I’ve bought except food and drinks because I didn’t have much money. I didn’t have any particular reasons to visit Las Vegas. I didn’t really care where to go if it’s foreign and my friends wanted to visit Las Vegas, that was it.

However, I did a hotel hopping on the last day and turned out it was stunning. As you know, Las Vegas is known for its unique hotels and resorts. A friend of mine had a guidebook and we took a taxi to get around the hotels in one night. We enjoyed just walking around and taking pictures without buying anything.

When I got back to Japan, I thought about why I had such a great time that night. I’ve started researching the ecology of Las Vegas and I came across the word “neon”. Neon is neon, a chemical element you can see on the periodic table, but it’s also called a neon sign, which is a sign made of glass tubes filled with neon gas. I’ve often heard the term “neon color”, but apparently it’s a different thing. Of course, it was fun simply because I was in a country where they have a different culture, but it was the neon signs that created the atmosphere in Las Vegas, that’s what I thought. That’s when I became interested in the neon signs. Once I became aware of the existence of neon, the world was full of it. I began to see neon lights everywhere, on the streets, in movies, in music videos, in books, and in many other places.

I was in my senior year at university. I was taking a leave of absence without clear goals. At one point, I decided to try making neon lights. At first, I went to Akihabara, an electric town in Tokyo, bought some LED wires, and played with them. But it wasn’t the neon that I knew. A friend told me to go to a neon shop. He was a funny guy and told me about Hiroshi Morinaga’s book, which is now kinda like a bible of my life. I looked up neon shops on the Internet and visited one of them.

Neon bender was very friendly and he welcomed me in the studio. Turned out he is a very cool guy. He had Bob Marley and Naughty By Nature’s neon lights, which was fascinating. We talked about many things, but he told me that “you can’t make a living off of neon lights”. It had only been a few years since the earthquake. This was right after the blue diode had been awarded the Nobel Prize. Due to the nuclear accident, there was an atmosphere of self-restraint and conservation of electricity saving in the world, especially among companies. Light saving was a big thing after the disaster, and still. He was working hard with a side job to make a living. I thought, “Well, then, I’ll just go to America”. I worked as a construction worker to make money. I lived in a 6-tatami room with a friend in Sancha to make ends meet. My friend was working as a hairdresser in Shibuya, so he came home late. We were both exhausted every day. Sometimes we had little fights. 

I made a good amount of money in three months. I went online and looked up neon schools. Flight cost, house cost, entrance fee, living expenses apparently I didn’t have enough money. I learned that studying abroad is way more expensive than I thought it is. One day I had a drink with a local friend and we got into a minor dispute about lives. It seemed that the person in my friend’s eyes and the person I envisioned were different. It was around the time that my landlord found out we were sharing one room, which is illegal. Every day a swarm of ants poured into our room from the next room. Even if I borrowed more money to go to America to learn how to make neon lights, making neon lights would not pay for itself in Japan today. Me and my friend were like we need money. I knew I had to get out of this life of earning money.

At the time, there was a lot of talk about young founders making a lot of money by creating web services like Twitter and Facebook. Team Labo, Rhizomatiks, and the three AR brothers were appearing in the Japanese media, and digital art was also popping. Obviously it’s all about what is called programming. Since I was good at computers, an acquaintance of mine introduced me to a job and I started working as a part-time programmer. Every day from waking up in the morning until I went to bed, I faced the computer. I gained a lot of weight, but the more I did, the more I could do. I also tried to do interactive art and VJs, but it didn’t feel right. As time went by, I went from a part-time job to a freelance job. I had more money to spare. I decided to go abroad. I had been wanting to travel ever since I read Hiroshi Morinaga’s book, that bible, and it was before I turned 25. Neon had almost disappeared from my mind.

After I went abroad, my passion for my work gradually faded. I learned to live my life with a different perspective I had. I’m not sure whether or not it’s because I was living abroad. I’ll never know. After about two years of living like that, I came to the point that I realized I’m now used to live abroad. Even when I went to a new city, I felt less of it than I did in the beginning. When I looked at my camera, my eyes fell on the neon photos I had taken. I tried to take pictures in the cities I visited, but I found myself taking only neon photos. I love neon lights, I thought. When I went to Hong Kong, for the first time, I made friends who could talk about neon lights. Apparently they were holding a neon tour in Hong Kong, and I was able to join in. There were so many neon lights around Tsim Sha Tsui that even ordinary tourists were taking pictures. There were a lot of neon works in art galleries. I’ve always been interested in art, but thanks to my trip, I’ve become even more interested in art. I didn’t expect to see neon work in an art gallery, to be honest. I thought, “maybe I can give it a shot”. For someone like me who had only known commercial neon lighting, this seemed like a new idea. Of course, neon is an anachronism in this digital age. The following year, I went back to HongKong for another visit. Famous German documentary crew was making the rounds to interview my HK friend cause she hosts a vintage neon tour in HK. Somehow I’ve joined them. They also interviewed me like a neon bohemian. Surely no one had seen as much of the world’s neon lights as I had. I thought it’s not bad.

When I was briefly back in Japan, I paid another visit to a neon craftsman I had visited in the past. He told me that, thanks to Instagram, there was no stopping the orders for neon lights. Times change quickly, I thought. I did a quick search and found that the web and Instagram were full of people making neon lights. Maybe they were there from the beginning, but it had already become a complete boom. Sooner or later there will be Youtubers and such. I thought it might be a bit late to start now. But there was already something in me that I wanted to express in neon lights. I decided not to do commercial neon, but to do art. This time, I didn’t waver.









連絡を取ると、ネオン職人の方は気さくに自分を迎え入れてくれた。とても格好いい方だった。Bob MarleyやNaughty By Natureのネオンがあって興奮した。色々、話をして頂いたが、「ネオンで食ってくのは、無理だよ」と言われた。まだ震災から数年しか経っていなかった。青色ダイオードがノーベル賞を受賞した直後だった。原発事故もあって、世の中で、特に企業の中では、電力を自粛・節約しようという空気が蔓延していた。震災で失われた光は、まだ闇のまま。事実、その方は副業をして生計を建てられていた。だったら、アメリカに行ったろうと思った。現場で荷揚屋の仕事をして金を稼いだ。三茶で友達と6畳に二人で住んで生活費を抑えた。友達は渋谷で美容師をしていたので、毎日帰りが遅かった。お互い毎日クタクタだった。ツマラナイ喧嘩もした。


その頃、世の中ではTwitter, FacebookのようなのWebサービスを作って、若い創業者が大金を稼ぐことが度々話題になっていた。チームラボ 、ライゾマティクスやAR三兄弟などもメディアに出ていて、デジタルアートも盛り上がっていた。どうやら全部プログラミングというものらしい。パソコンは得意だったので、知り合いの方に仕事を紹介してもらい、プログラムのバイトを始めることになった。毎日朝起きてから寝るまでパソコンと向き合った。体重は増えたが、その分やれることも増えた。途中、インタラクティブアートやVJなんかもやったが、なんだかしっくりこなかった。時が経ち、バイトからフリーランスになっていた。お金に余裕ができた。海外に出よう、と思った。森永博志の本を読んでから、ずっと旅をしたいと思っていた。25歳になる前だった。ネオンのことはほとんど頭から消えかけていた。